Light up your watch.

Tritium Watch

Tritium Watches contain Tritium element which is known in science as a type of hydrogen that does not bear the standard hydrogen mass (as we see it in the Periodic Table of Elements) – and it’s pretty radioactive if you really think about it. Colloquially speaking, however, tritium is more associated with the concept of tritium illumination, in which the gaseous form of tritium is used to generate fluorescent light. This is done by putting the tritium in contact with phosphor materials. And because tritium illumination was discovered to have no actual use for electricity (it can illuminate on its own), it is not surprising to see that it has become a sort of investment for many people. That being said, it must be pointed out that one of the most fascinating uses of tritium would be in watches – it’s likely that most of us owned a tritium watch at least once in our lives.

  • Traser Tritium WatchTraser Tritium Watch
  • Armourlite ColorBurst Tritium WatchArmourlite ColorBurst Tritium Watch
  • Luminox Evo Navy Seal Colormark WhiteLuminox Evo Navy Seal Colormark Watch
  • Armourlite H3 Tritium WatchArmourlite H3 Tritium Watch

The Tritium Watch is essentially a watch that makes use of tritium illumination on the numbers and hands of its face. The tritium watch is typically used for diving or any other activity that requires movement in the dark – the hands numbers will be constantly alight – although there are some people who simply own tritium watches because these were given as gifts, or because they find them useful when they are compelled to wake up before the sun is up. Still, the popularity of the tritium watch is mostly among the more active types who like having adventures in low-light environments.

Of course, there are people all over the world who rather like the idea of wearing tritium watches precisely because it glows in the dark – for some people, this is the very height of cool. Many people who have taken to going out at night to dance in clubs and the like find that they are in need of timekeeping devices that they could use in such environments where any form or lighting is deemed useless for the purposes of reading anything that is not in itself illuminated. The tritium watch also happens to double as an accessory, the fact that it “glows in the dark” tends to make a person look more interesting, especially in rave parties. Evidently, this is how the “cool” factor of the tritium watch works.

Whether you want it for the practical purpose or the aesthetic purpose, the tritium watch is sure to deliver.