Light up your watch.

Blue Tritium Watch

Blue Tritium Watches are one of the many diffrent color combinations available in tritium watches. There are, of course, many people who are enamored with the idea of the tritium watch, what with its ability to tell the time even in the darkest places. Many people seem to still think that tritium watches are meant to have green light. It must be pointed out then that the hippest and most stylish tritium watch that is available today would have to be the blue tritium watch. Other new tritium colors are iced blue tritium, white tritium and pink tritium exclusively available in Traser ladyline watches.

Yes, the blue tritium watch is basically a tritium watch whose illumination glows blue. As shallow as this may seem to some people, the color blue actually makes the blue tritium watch much cooler than other tritium watches. Not only does the blue create an appealing aesthetic against the darkness, the color itself can be more casual than other common tritium illumination colors. For example: red illumination is often associated with urgency – it’s not a color that you’d feel comfortable with in the dark; green, on the other hand, is often considered a little dull and too glow-in-the-dark or old for most people’s comfort. Blue is a very casual, contemporary color that calms people down and makes them feel more socially confident. It is therefore quite unsurprising that the blue tritium watch is the choice of people who like wearing tritium watches casually.

  • Luminox Scott Cassell Special Edition Navy Seal Colormark WatchLuminox Scott Cassell Special Edition Navy Seal Colormark Watch
  • Armourlite Swiss Tritium Automatic Pro Blue WatchArmourlite Swiss Tritium Automatic Pro Blue Watch
  • Traser H3 Classic Chronograph Big Date Pro Blue WatchTraser H3 Classic Chronograph Big Date Pro Blue Watch

Blue tritium also tends to look more futuristic and high-tech than other watches that make use of tritium illumination – at least in the dark. Being a color that is often used as something that denotes advanced technology (you only need to watch the recent action films and action series), it is not at all surprising that blue tritium watches are considered cool in the sense that they seem “cleaner” and the like. The kind of blue that blue tritium watches display are quite close to the shade of blue that is used in settings that show off some sort of utopia or semi-utopia that technology is meant to bring us. Some even go as far as saying that blue tritium watches make them feel more calm and together than most other tritium color watches because of this.

Blue tritium watches are said to be best when they are coupled with black steel. Not only do the colors enhance and complement each other, but they also make for watches that the more stylish individuals truly appreciate.


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