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Military Tritium Watch

The Military Tritium Watch is considered to be the “classic” tritium watch mainly because the original tritium watches were exclusively for the use of individuals who are working in the military. Perhaps the coolest part is the fact that tritium use on watches were classified at first, meaning that its use by the military on convenient time-keeping devices was meant to be kept a secret – this was back in the 1930’s. Evidently, things have changed a lot since then, and now tritium watches are available to anyone who wants them. That doesn’t mean, however, that tritium watches that are being sold to the public are the same as the military tritium watches. To be quite honest, the military tritium watch has essentially evolved into the kind of watch that can survive not only combat situations, but also the kind of watch that could assist in covert military operations.

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Evidently, this makes the military tritium watch very, very appealing to many people. Contrary to what some people assume, a person could actually buy a military tritium watch even if they aren’t part of the military. The upshot of the military tritium watch over other tritium watches would be the advanced functional capacity – you may not be able to wear them for the sake of fashion, but they’re still pretty darn cool. Of course, depending on what kind of crowd that you happen to be mingling with, wearing a military tritium watch all the time might actually put you on the “cool” list, especially if it becomes some sort of trademark for you.

Having a military tritium watch on one’s person also implies that that someone is a certain kind of person: people will either think that you were or are military and even if they know you aren’t, they will peg you as someone who is tough, or at least they would think of you as someone who concerns himself or herself with tactical excellence. What this means is that in wearing a military watch, people will feel that you are a dependable type of person, either physically or practically. This is possibly why a large number of people who prefer the use of the military tritium watch are men rather than women – men tend to like being thought of as someone people can depend on. Evidently, there is something heroic about the military tritium watch that makes it all the more attractive.


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