Light up your watch.

Titanium Tritium Watch

Titanium Tritium Watch is considered to be one of the coolest metals to make your watch out of, mainly because it is regarded as the “space age metal”. The moniker is rooted from the fact that it happens to be lightweight on top of being resistant to any form of chemical reaction that would cause most other metals to break down. Add the fact that titanium looks pretty cool when you use it on watches (it’s of a silver color) and you pretty much have everything going for you when you wear a titanium tritium watch on your wrist. Why wouldn’t you – you can tell the time in the dark AND when the lights do open, people see that you’re wearing a watch that looks good. Not to mention that this watch can be dropped in water and still be fine. In fact, you can swim in a swimming pool and nothing bad will happen to the titanium tritium watch – it will still look just as good days later. No rusting or any other similar damage.

  • Traser H3 Professional Series Commander 100 Pro Titanium WatchTraser H3 Professional Series Commander 100 Pro Titanium Watch

The main appeal of titanium tritium watches is that they can be worn anywhere, for any occasion. They can be casual, they can be formal, and – if you have the inclination – you can pretty much choose to wear it all the time. It’s just that versatile. You’re going to the beach? You can keep your titanium tritium watch on. You’re going to a fancy party in the evening, but would need to come from a casual shindig that afternoon? No problem, all you need to do is change your clothes and shoes, and keep your titanium tritium watch on. Some even claim that if not for the risk of skin sensitivity (nothing to do with the titanium, only the inevitable friction between steel and skin caused by moisture), they would never be taken off at all.

It can be assumed that while titanium tritium watches can be worn by anyone, the titanium tritium watch can be assumed as a special preference among men who like having something functional enough to survive through the abuse they’re likely to put it through, and fashionable enough to be appreciated in more formal circumstances – the hassle of taking off a watch often or changing watches would be undesirable for men in general. In the end, the titanium tritium watch is simply the watch for all occasions that are just extra special for being able to tell time in the dark.


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