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Tritium Dive Watch

The tritium dive watch, evidently, would be the tritium watches that are specifically designed for the use of divers. We would like to take this moment to stress that by “divers” we mean to say deep sea divers, men who swim up to a few hundred feet underwater for a variety of purposes – it can be fore leisure, science, or some sort of retrieval mission. In any case, the thing about tritium dive watches is that they not only have to be able to tell the time in low light – and this is a given when a person is rather deep under water – it will also need to be able to withstand the kind of pressure that that depth of water has. The tritium illumination, of course, would make the “being able to tell time in low light” part quite easy. The tricky part is making sure that the watch does not break down from that kind of environment.

  • Traser Watch Dive Nautic
    Traser Watch Dive Nautic

  • ISOBrite Tritium Super Bright Dive Watch
    ISOBrite Tritium Super Bright Dive Watch

Of course, the first thing that they did was to make sure that the tritium dive watch waterproof – that’s a no-brainer adjustment. The second thing that they needed to do was fortify the rest of the watch: from the face to the straps. The have to make sure that the pressure and the movement of deep water currents would not damage it in any way. These are the features of a proper tritium watch – and this is why they are quite expensive. Of course, the expense is more than just worth it; after all, the tritium dive watch needs to be constructed just right, not to mention the fact that it needs to be constructed with just the right materials – and those need to be financed and reimbursed by money. If you’re not willing to pay for the full amount, then you should expect that your tritium dive watch to be sub-par.

That being said, the tritium dive watch is agreed upon as some of the best kinds of tritium watches in the sense that the specific specialization of the tritium dive watch makes it one of the most fascinating and complex watches that one could observe. The fact that it could survive so well in a harsh environment as the deeper waters and still be used on a casual basis out of water is and perhaps will always be appealing. All the work put into watches like this surely make them very special.


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